Singer-songwriter Darko Rundek, is a regular composer and actor for theatre and film. He is currently touring with EKIPA and RUNDEK KVARTET.


Isabel, Dutso and Darko

Throughout his career Darko Rundek had never played with
bands of less than six members... not until 2009 that is, when he decided to form a trio with the aim of bringing his music closer to audiences through the intimacy
and transparency that this basic formation affords.

So ancient members of CARGO ORKESTAR violinist Isabel, multi-instrumentalist Dutso Vranić and Darko formed the Rundek Cargo Trio. The twelve new songs released on their first album 2010,
BLUE AIRPLANE (PLAVI AVION), are the result of months of tight collaboration.
Rehearsals and recording sessions took place on the beautiful
Istrian peninsula, on the northern Adriatic coast.

After the great success of "Blue Airplane" with critics and listeners alike,
preparation of the new album was a big chalenge and took a few years. Finaly MOSTOVI ("Bridges") where released in June 2015, with 11 new
songs..Promotional concerts are on-the-go.

darko rundek